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Wellbeing Fairs

Bringing a range a holistic, eco, wellbeing therapists, practitioners and retailers together to collectively offer healing and wares to the community. Not only showcasing what your local offer is in terms of services this is a wonderful opportunity for practitioners to meet and network and support one another. 

Sound Healing Baths

Sound and vibrational healing has been around for thousands of years and is now quickly being recognised by the medical science world as a transformative way of aiding the healing of the body.

In our regular weekly sessions, we gather to quieten our busy minds and become immersed in the variation of native healing instruments from across the world.

From the Oceanic wave drum, to crystal singing bowls ,to Koshi chimes, each instrument is played with the intention of bringing about physiological changes in the body to ease DIS-ease and aid emotional and mental wellbeing.  For most, people leave feeling less stressed and sleeping better than ever before. 

Community Wellbeing

Bringing likeminded people together is a key factor in bringing about wellbeing to a community. Through fun & laughter, sharing & caring for those around us we can build a stronger network of support to help us all when we need someone to be there for us. 

I work in the community with agencies such as the carers centre, care homes, schools, nurseries and private and corporate events on regular and one-off basis to share training, workshops or offer healing modalities to groups and individuals.

Sister Circles & Sacred Ceremony

Sitting in circle with one another is a powerful and uplifting experience where a safe and sacred space is nurtured where we can grow, share and connect on a deeper level.

Ceremonies are where we are working with plant medicines, celebrate the festivities of the wheel of the year or work on our soul journey and moon cycles to bring about powerful changes to our lives. 

Starseed Academy/ Family Woosah

Children and Young People are the foundation of our future. I provide community family relaxation sessions on a monthly basis,  provide bespoke one-off special events and children's relaxation parties alongside providing workshops to run in local schools & nurseries.

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