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Yoga teaching


I teach all levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and Kundalini Reiki. 

The Usui system of Japanese Natural Healing is fast becoming a mainstream therapy to integrate alongside modern medicine and can be found side by side in many clinical settings supporting clients on all levels of their healing journey. 

The Kundalini Reiki system is uses power from our root chakra to ignite our 'Kundalini Fire' within, to clear our chakras and bring about spiritual awareness and awakening. 

I teach both energy systems in a 1:1 setting - focusing on the student's personal development and journey and also in small group sessions - focusing on personal development with the added benefit of learning from other's experiences. 

Throughout your journey with me, I am available for ongoing support, guidance and you will receive full manuals for all teaching practices, gift bag and certificate. 

Wellness Coach

Reiki 1st Degree

This is the beginning of your Reiki journey, which focuses on your own healing and awakening. On your full days training you will receive a manual, certificate, 3 attunements and Reiki inspired gifts. 

kundalini reiki 3.png

Kundalini Reiki - Level 1

In the Kundalini Reiki 1 attunement, all of blocks in the chakras are removed (except for the root chakra).
The main energy channel, from the crown chakra to the root chakra, is cleansed and
prepared for the Kundalini awakening that you will experience in Kundalini Reiki 2.
The Heart chakra becomes enlarged and the energy channel from the hands to the
Crown chakra is opened so that the Reiki energy can flow.

Energy Healing

Reiki 2nd Degree

This level introduces you to Reiki symbols, allows you to develop your practice through treating others in a professional capacity and strengthens your Reiki connection. You will receive a manual, 2 attunements, certificate and Reiki inspired gifts. 

kundalini 4_edited.jpg

Kundalini Reiki - Level 2

The Kundalini is awakened, the main energy channel opens gently and surely, alighting the Kundalini “fire”. The Kundalini reaches the Solar Plexus Chakra, preparing for the full Kundalini rising in Kundalini Reiki 3.
You are also taught a specific meditation, when you perform this meditation you
increase for a short time, the power of the flame in the Kundalini fire cleansing your
energy channels. All the chakras/energy systems are enlightened and a cleansing takes place.


Reiki 3rd Degree -
Master Teacher

This level enables you to be granted permission to teach and attune others. It is a great responsibility and honour. You will receive an attunement to master symbol, manual, certificate and Reiki inspired gift.

kundalini 5.jpg

Kundalini Reiki - Level 3

Kundalini Reiki Master Level. The Previous attunements are strengthened and the Throat, Solar Plexus, Hara and Root Chakras are opened.
The Kundalini “Fire” is strengthened and reaches up and out of the Crown chakra –
full rising of the Kundalini takes place. You are taught to attune Crystals and other

objects, so that they act as Reiki channels. During attunement level 3, you are also
attuned to the following to help your spiritual growth:
Diamond Reiki, Past Life Reiki, DNA Reiki, Location Reiki, Birth trauma Reiki. 

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