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Hey There

If you want to get to know me better then a description of what I do, how I work and a list of qualifications isn't going to show you who I really am but it will sure give you a flavour of me and if you want to connect!

A bit about Me

I would describe myself as a survivor, a creatrix, a high priestess, a divine feminine leader and a mum!

My journey through life hasn't been the typical bed of roses but this is where I gained my true power. It is within my own story (of this lifetime) that I have suffered at the hands of others, experienced extreme grief and loss, lived through unimaginable trauma and mostly all of this before I was even 25 years of age. This is when I switched off my survivor mode and switched on my divine feminine creatrix mode. 

When you are faced without a mother or father from the age of 4, caring for my elderly grandmother whom I lived with, witnessed death first hand by your teenage years and then homeless at just 17, life doesn't seem to cut you a break. It is at the lowest points in my life (these are just a handful) where I have found I have the most strength and resilience.

In the work I do I teach, show, inspire and pave the way for others on my vibrational wavelength to do the same. 

If you are looking for someone with lived experience, with empathy, with the ability to empower you to reconnect with your souls purpose and give you the tools and healing to live our your hearts desires then STOP because you have found me!

I would love to chat with you more on a personal level, be it for therapies or cocreation or even how I can help your organisation in a holistic way so please reach out if you feel I am for you!

As a registered Executive Member and Approved Training Provider of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM badge below) you can also be assured of my professional credentials as a therapist and teacher.. 


  • BA First class Honours Degree in Social Work

  • Reiki Master Teacher (Usui, Kundalini, Blue Star Lemurian, Heart of Mary Magdalene)

  • Silent Counselling 

  • Sound Therapy (inc biofield tuning)

  • Counselling Concepts

  • Mediation - civil & commercial

  • Shinrin Yoku Diploma

  • Indian Head massage

  • Munay Ki  Keeper of the Rite of the Womb 

  • First Aid Enhanced 

  • Various disability specialist qualifications

  • 7 years experience in schools (predominantly secondary) working with additional needs & disabilities & delivering covering lessons to students. 

  • 1 year of professional volunteering as a befriender (social isolated adults) for Barnardos

  • 1 year of professional volunteering as a Bereavement counsellor for the local hospital

  • Social work environments of Learning Disability, Child Protection & Adoption

  • Chair of Parent Carer Forum for families with additional needs & disabilities which developed into a third sector charity. 

  • Forum Development Manager for the charity I codeveloped where I championed parent carer voice and worked strategically within Boards of Directors in Health, Social Care, Education & Local Authority. 

  • Mediator for same charity delivering mediations between local council and parent carers & for commercial organisations

  • Therapist & Teacher of various healing modalities since 2019

  • Mum to 3 children (I've had a child every decade of my adult life so far!)

Professional Experiences

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